POOLS – Children’s Fantasy

Magical portals and spells come together in this quirky fantasy novel for the modern age. Pools will appeal to tweens and young adults who enjoy fantasy adventure stories with a touch of humour.

Pools Book CoverPools Excerpt

One day, Lark and her friend Shelley, visit their neighbour, Ms Trowper, to fetch their ball from her garden. Ms Trowper is not her usual cheery self. She has a pool in her attic. She is convinced it’s a magic hole. She wants Lark and Shelley to see what’s down there. The girls decide Ms Trowper is bonkers and make a hasty retreat.

Later that night, Lark’s mum insists she saw Lark’s brother, Fin, and his ‘sensible’ best friend, Mat, disappear through a hole in the garden. It makes no sense. Fin and Mat are on a camping trip and are not due home for days.

Troubled by this strange turn of events, the two friends return to Ms Trowper’s house. They revisit the hole in Ms Trowper’s attic and get sucked through the pool of water into another dimension: Craggthorn, where they are given a very important assignment. If they fail, they are doomed to return to Jeepy Creepy Craggthorn forever…


Very few people know what happened on Montesworth Hill; I’m one of them, but I’m not supposed to talk about it.

‘It’ll upset your father, Loppie,’ says mum.

Everything upsets my father these days; everything except rugby and boxing.

My name isn’t Loppie. It’s a pet name my mum gave me. No one else calls me Loppie. Everyone calls me by my real name Lark, or sometimes they call me Barry (my surname’s Barrington).

Six months ago, we were living in Montesworth, Turnstaple at Number One Montesworth Hill, in a house painted the colour of the sky. I was thirteen and lived with my parents, Angela and Cliff Barrington, and my brother Jake who is two years older than me going on five.

I loved our house. It was on the corner, right on top of the hill next door to Sandy and Jack Patterson, and their daughter Shelley, who is my best friend. Sandy and Jack often came by our house, and that meant I saw Shelley almost every day. The sun always shone on Montesworth Hill. I always shone on Montesworth Hill…

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