Self-Publishing Non-Fiction eBooks

The Amazon marketplace is saturated with self-published non-fiction books. The most popular of these are diet and fitness and making money.

Authors who are keen to maximise profits, prefer self-publishing non-fiction eBooks. They can quickly write short- read non-fiction titles and sell them for 0.99 pence or more.

If you want to self-publish non-fiction books, you will need to crank them out in order to make money.

You may get lucky and produce a book that everyone is looking for but no one had the foresight or knowledge to write; let me know if you’re one of them!

Non-fiction relies heavily on keywords for success and even these days this is not enough. You will normally need to market and promote your book months before publication, and there is no guarantee you’ll make a ton of money.

Watch this video about how to choose your niche:

Dos and Don’ts:

1. Add a link to your website(s), Goodreads account and Facebook pages.

2. When formatting for Kindle, you don’t need to apply Justify to evenly distribute the margins. The KDP file converter will automatically do this for you.

3. Set the title of your book to Heading 1, but don’t include your author name.

4. Place your table of contents at the front of your book – not the back as KDP will reject it.

5. Add copyright information that states you are not responsible for any broken links in this book. This is because some websites may shut down or have technical issues following your publication.

6. Don’t bother using fancy fonts, they won’t show up on an eReader.

Watch this video about getting content for your eBook:

7. Don’t worry about adding page breaks; eReaders are one continuous scroll.

8. For self-publishing non-fiction, you will need to thoroughly research keywords before settling on a title for your book.

9. Add additional keywords with a subtitle and book description.

10. Use 60 pt. font size minimum for your book cover title. You can manually adjust these figures in Microsoft; you don’t have to use the defaults from the drop-down menu. (Your subtitle can be smaller).

11. Don’t automatically offer your non-fiction book for free on KDP without marketing the offer beforehand, e.g. on book promo websites, social media, etc.

12. Think about the value of your book. If you’re writing academic non-fiction or a high value, high content piece of work, don’t price it at 0.99. Readers may question its validity. It’s much better to do a Kindle Countdown deal promotion in this instance with a starting price of 0.99.

13. Include “an about the author” page at the end of your book. Readers will want to know what qualifies you to write a book on this topic.

14. Before you start, write a solid business plan, and settle on a marketing budget. In the world of self-publishing, you have to spend money to make money.

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