Running a Twitter Book Promotion

Running a Twitter book promotion is one of the quickest and affordable ways to tell readers about yourself and your book. That said, tweeting about your books like crazy will only increase your sales if the majority of your Twitter followers are fans of your books. This works if you’ve built up a fan base from titles you’ve published in the past or stories from a blog you’ve written. However, if you’re not an established author, the majority of your followers will be authors who are trying to promote their own titles and will have little time to read yours.

twitter book promotionA Twitter book promotion alone isn’t going to sell your book.
Until you have established a fan base, tweeting about your books is unlikely to generate a huge surge in sales. If you’re going to spend any money on Twitter promotion alone, I would recommend that you spend no more than £10.00.

Set up a Twitter account for your book 
Add your book cover to the header page. In the profile section, state what your book is about the books genre. You can tweet as a character from your book, tweet about other books, articles and news written in the same genre. Grow your followers from this account. Then when you tweet about your book, your twitter followers are more likely to buy it and retweet it to their friends who enjoy similar books.

Direct Messaging
Send a direct tweet to Twitter accounts who promote books. The message must be personal. If you want a website which has thousand of crime fiction followers to promote your book,  follow them, then make a polite request asking them to follow you. They may or may not tweet. I wouldn’t advise sending the same message to several book promotion Twitter accounts as this may be viewed as spam by Twitter and they will suspend your account, which can result using unfollowing you.

Tweeting Services
Use a paid Tweeting service that targets readers. They’re affordable and can get results. Establish with the Tweeting service upfront the keywords that you want included in your tweet and the type of genres they cater to.


Tweet Your Book with Hashtags 
I can’t stress this enough – make use of hashtags. Include them in your profile as well. Hashtags allow users to search for topics on Twitter.



Some Twitter followers follow hashtags. Use genre hashtags as well. Popular hashtags include:


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