Tools and Resources for Writers

Here’s my top 10 list of essential tools and resources for writers:

1. A dictionary – I prefer a physical copy.

2.  A thesaurus – this should come with your word processor application and should be used during the revision of your novel. Don’t go crazy! You don’t want long convoluted words where simple words will do.

3. The Writers and Artists Yearbook − not only does it contain a comprehensive list of global publishers and literary agents, it also contains useful articles and services for writers. Don’t tell anyone you’ve never heard of it or that you don’t have a copy because you don’t want to read about other writers and artists.

Writers and Artists Yearbook4. A lightweight portable laptop or notebook. I have both. I carry my portable one because it fits snugly on the Costa Coffee table, leaving ample room for my regular-sized cappuccino and other non-writing customers.

5. A notebook and pen to carry with you for inspiration. I have to be honest here; I rarely write my novel ideas in a notebook. I use a whacking great A4 binder and my brain.

6. A grammar and punctuation guide. I’ve got Eat Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss. I have a tendency to forget the grammar and punctuation rules when I write. The semi-colon is my friend; a comma, my nightmare.

7. A good book to read in between writing. It can be creatively stimulating and beats staring into space like a gormless twat.

Eat shoots and leaves, writers resources

8. Coffee or green tea. I do like a nice hot cup of coffee when I’m writing. Some prefer alcohol. But if you rely on alcohol to churn out your best work, you’re going to have real problems my friend.

9. Grammarly picks up on errors that Microsoft Word does not.

10. Adobe Acrobat DC Pro. There’s a nice read text out loud feature, which is great if there’s only so much of your work you can read out loud without your throat drying up. I’m not sure if this feature is available with the free version. You’ll also want to Adobe Acrobat DC Pro if you plan to self-publish with Ingram Sparks.