James Patterson On Writing masterclass

Curious to discover what I was doing wrong or what I could do to improve my writing, I decided to embark on the James Patterson Masterclass.

I’m not going to give away the content of the lessons because it wouldn’t be fair for those who paid up – like myself.

The videos are recorded in such a way that you feel that Mr Patterson is talking directly to you and not to the camera.

The writing masterclass is broken up into 22 video tutorials which include course material in the form of downloadable PDF workbooks. Also included, are case studies of the author’s own work. There is also a student community for Q & A, feedback and discussions. Mr Patterson also provides feedback on some student assignments – so don’t think he “checked out” after he made the videos.

It’s common knowledge that if you’re writing thrillers, you need to get your facts straight and that means doing a lot of research.

The bestselling author gave some really sage writing advice: in order to keep churning out those manuscripts, you have to enjoy writing.

Some people take up writing simply to make money, but this is about writing fiction. You have to keep writing beyond the rejections. Don’t second guess yourself, and try to guess the market and write what you think others will want to read.

What you won’t get…

For budding indie authors out there, this course has nothing to do with self-publishing! This is about how to write well – well enough to land an agent.  Don’t expect marketing, editing and typing tips.  Also, Mr Patterson does not go into the process of submissions, in terms of what to write in your query letter, etc.

What you will get…

The course will motivate you and give you the extra boost you need to keep going. Mr Patterson received his fair share of rejection letters just like everybody else.

Once you’ve paid your fee, you have the course for life. I still log in to read comments from other writers and Mr Patterson himself.

My conclusion: I think the James Patterson masterclass is worth the money and the time.