Article content writing tools that are worth your time

Writing content can be a challenging task. It may take a lot of research to come up with the perfect article. However, there are some content writing tools, which you can use, to make your article  read and look better.

Article Content Writing Tools, papers flying out of a laptop

The 8 content writing tools you can use are:

    1. Grammarly – -this is a great tool for writers. You can add it to Google Chrome or use it in Microsoft Word. To use this, you must create an account. After that, once you copy and paste in your article, all the grammar mistakes will be highlighted.
  1. Portent – this is content idea generator. You need to have a proper and interesting headline to attract more people to read your article. Thinking of an accurate headline can be difficult at times. But this headline generator is extremely effective. You just need to type a keyword, and it will display all the relevant headlines.
  1. Infogram – your article needs to be great, but it should also be visually  attractive. Just plain, boring texts won’t attract many people. You need charts and diagrams to make your article more readable. This tool allows you to do exactly that.
  1. Ninja Essays – If you struggle with editing articles and essays, this tool will help to make them look more polished.
  1. Haiku Deck – to make it more readable,, you can add some slideshows along with your article. You will need a good tool to create slides shows, and Haiku Deck is the best in this regard.
  1. Rainymood – if you are writing articles in a busy, crowded cafe, then you may get distracted by the noise. Rainymood plays a peaceful, soothing sound, which will help you focus on your writing.
  1. Soovle – will help you with keywords. Just type one keyword of your article into the Soovle app, and it will generate the relevant keywords for all search engines.
  1. Unsplash – use this site to download copyright free images and photos for your articles.